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Stop changing your oil!

Just something else your car mechanic and/or your car dealership’s service department don’t want you to know about…read about your car’s true oil change requirements here: ¬†http://www.edmunds.com/car-care/stop-changing-your-oil.html?mktcat=maintenance-article&kw=stop+changing+your+oil&mktid=ob61762858&msite=w  

Scutt Law, PLLC’s attorney, Jessica Scutt, was sworn in by Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Justice Helen M. Meyer in the Supreme Court court room on July 11, 2012. Ms. Scutt is now licensed in both Texas and Minnesota, and she is excited to divide her time between her two favorite states. Congratulations Jessica!  

Scutt Law, PLLC expands into Minnesota

Our attorney, Jessica Scutt, is headed to the great state of Minnesota tomorrow. She will be sworn in by the MN Supreme Court on July 11th, and our firm will be offering our services to Minnesotans in the very near future (in addition to the services we currently offer in Texas, of course). We cannot […]

Law and social media: an update

It is interesting to note new developments in the law that pertain to information shared on Facebook and on other social media. It is always good to remember that everything you post is public-don’t forget to edit yourself! The information that you put out there is forever. For a good example of this, check out […]